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    Predictive policing – technology to prevent crimes before they happen

    August 27, 2013 / by / 0 Comment

    It sounds impossible, far-fetched even. It is something you would most likely encounter in a Hollywood movie, rather than in everyday life. However, there is now technology available to prevent crimes before they happen. Although this may seem illogical now, it is becoming more of a reality every day. Police forces across the world are utilising predictive analytical technology to prevent crime with accurate and successful results. Using data built up in certain geographical areas, the police can monitor and analyse human behaviour. When this builds up a pattern, a ‘crime map’ is determined and these hotspots are then monitored carefully and officers are deployed there. However, it is not just ‘crime mapping’ which is being used by law enforcement agencies. A new technology based on the model used for predicting the aftershocks from earthquakes is being tested by police forces. PredPol uses a sophisticated algorithm which enables the forecast of places of future crime and also the ‘highest risk times.’ The software programme targets the crime-prediction by as little as 500 x 500 square yards. These measurement ‘boxes’ are then policed by officers, halting crime in its tracks. It has primarily been used for property crime in the past …