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How Social has Recruitment Become?

December 02, 2013 / by / 3 Comments

In a recent article, Rob Ryan, recruitment and talent manager for Tesco said “I’m bored with CVs…CVs are same-y… Don’t tell me how great you are. Show me.”

Just like recruiters use social media to source and research potential candidates; candidates are using social media to appeal to recruiters.

Traditional CVs are becoming a thing of the past. Candidates are increasingly using the creative opportunities that digital and social media has to offer. In an industry that is notoriously competitive, recruiters need to ask themselves: How social has recruitment become?

Here are ten ways in which candidates are using social media to attract the attention of recruiters and hiring managers:

The YouTube CV

There are literally thousands of video resumes on Youtube. One great example is Google Please Hire Me. Although this video went viral and has been viewed over 1.2 million times; the gentleman didn’t reach his goal of employment with Google. This could be down to the fact that in part of the video he is in his underpants and gets his toenails painted. However, the video itself did gain him a job elsewhere, so his mission was accomplished.

The Twitter CV

Selling yourself in just 140 characters may seem challenging, but a short sentence with a few relevant hashtags and a shortlink to your online resume is becoming an increasingly popular way for candidates to reach recruiters in real-time. Although the trend is more popular in the US, it won’t be long before it takes off in the UK. Recruiters themselves are already actively using Twitter to promote their roles, so it makes sense that candidates will converse with them this way also. Here are some great examples.

The Pinterest CV

Infographics enable someone to sell themselves quickly, creatively and succinctly. This hiring trend is a great way to stand out as it is visually engaging and can offer lots of information in a succinct format. Candidates can then use photo-sharing sites such as Pinterest to showcase their resume. Here are some great examples .

The Slideshare CV

This is one form of social media resume that is becoming popular very quickly. Sites such as Slideshare enable a PDF document to be uploaded into a visible slideshow which can be found by anyone looking for key words or topics. The resume can be content-rich with text, images and embedded videos; offering plenty of scope for creativity.

The LinkedIn CV

Many people consider a LinkedIn profile as the new resume. LinkedIn offers a range of opportunities for candidates to showcase themselves. There are many reasons why it could replace the traditional CV.  These include recommendations, real-time networking, status updates, visibility and transparency.

The Facebook CV

This is a highly creative way for candidates to highlight their achievements and many have been successful in doing so by capturing the curiosity of the recruiter. Expect to hear of more successful hiring this way as Facebook rolls out its Graph Search, which will enable recruiters to source candidates more easily via keywords and demographics.

The QR Code CV

This is about as social as recruitment gets and a highly innovative way of getting noticed by a recruiter. Victor Petit’s resume is a standard paper CV…until it is flipped over. On the reverse is a picture of him with a QR code placed over where his mouth would usually be, almost looking as if he has gagged himself with his own code. Once this code is scanned, a video pops up enabling his voice to be heard.

The App CV

One highly imaginative idea that designer João Dornellas came up with was to build an app for his resume. The app is an interactive portfolio which enabled him to highlight his talents effectively. This strategy was successful and the app was downloaded over 2,000 times.

The Blogger CV

Many candidates who specialise in a niche area use blogging as a way to get themselves noticed. A blog is a great way to gain interest and to actively engage with like-minded people online. Once an active blogger becomes more popular and trusted, he becomes a thought-leader or writer of a specific subject. The blogs can highlight their knowledge and wisdom in certain areas.

The Website CV

Although this isn’t exactly a new concept, it can still be as innovative and creative as the candidate wants to make it. Many CVs are an active website which acts as an online portfolio. The candidate can make this as informative as possible by adding testimonials, links to work and a list of social media icons.

Digital ‘Aggregator’ CV

More portfolio and personal bio tools are popping up over the Internet. Sites such as Vizify collect all your social media information by merging all of the data from each of your online accounts.  Candidates add their accounts to instantly create their bio. Your most frequent online phrases and words are also populated and it is easily customisable. It allows you to add new content and information about you and your Vizify can then be shared on other platforms.

Recruitment is one industry that is changing rapidly with emerging technologies. Big Data and social media combined with the instant accessibility of the Internet and recruiting software has enabled recruiters to source, research and contact candidates easier than ever before. However, recruiters need to bear in mind how social recruitment become almost commonplace. They need to stay aware of the different platforms that candidates are engaging with and follow them to these mediums.

Kerry Voellner

Kerry Voellner is the blogger and social media manager for Venturi Ltd. She is currently at Salford University , studying for an Msc in Digital Media. We always welcome suggestions on topics to research and write about. If you wish to get in touch, or write a guest blog, please email:

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